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Rosalind Adler graduated from Cambridge University with an MA in Modern
and Mediaeval Languages and then trained as an actress for three years at
The Drama Centre. In 1997 she gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Voice
Studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama.


Accents French, German, London, RP
Dance Ballroom Dancing, Contemporary Dance, Country Dancing
Languages French, German
Performance Stand-up Comic
Other Drama Workshop Leader, Improvisation



Acting Credits
Writer Play Role Director
Paddy Gormley The Social Climber Madame Jourdain Kenneth Michaels
Wally Sewell Spogons Barbara  Peter Sutton
Lesley North Destination Planet Zero Amanda Martin Cort
Carolyn Pertwee Between Friends Laura Jenny Patrick
Rosalind Adler Just for You Various Kirsty Bennett
Gilles Cremonesi “Bomber” Iris Gareth Pilkington
Chanoine Webb Hero’s Engine Queen Peter Mair
Rosalind Adler Selfish Glenn Jenny Patrick
Carolyn Pertwee Best Laid Plans Glenys Roberts Martin Cort
Paddy Gormley Hard Times Helena Martin Cort
Rosalind Adler Powercut Madeleine Kirsty Bennett
John Petherbridge Alan and Grace Diana Simone Vause
Brian Spink The Lost Ones Caresse Crosby Harry Saks
Carolyn Pertwee Changing Faces Zoe Julie Hill
Rosalind Adler Bruised Blueberries All parts Kirsty Bennett
Boris Rumney Couch (2005) Liz Wheeler Kirsty Bennett
Paddy Gormley Twenty-Twenty Various Kirsty Bennett
Boris Rumney Couch (Original Version: 2004) Various Kirsty Bennett
Carolyn Pertwee For the Love of Art Marianne David Hampshire
Carolyn Pertwee Double Image Woman Angelique Fernandez
Robert Eddison & Robert Francis Joe Orton's Last Laugh Mavis David Hampshire
Rosalind Adler Christmas, Bloody Christmas Rosie
Tony Dugdale Going South Mam Simon Fisher-Becker
Brian Marshall Brief Encounter (2003) Celia Kirsty Bennett
Tony Dugdale Going South Mam Simon Fisher-Becker
Brian Marshall Brief Encounter (2003) Celia Kirsty Bennett
Tony Dugdale Going South Mam Simon Fisher-Becker
Brian Marshall Brief Encounter (2003) Celia Kirsty Bennett
Paddy Gormley O Goddess Hera Kirsty Bennett
David Hampshire Christmas Presence Paula, Joanna's sister
Paddy Gormley The Wold Wide Web Various
Acting Credits (Sketches)
Writer Sketch Role
Nicolas Ridley Cherry Blossom Screen Olivia
Rosalind Adler Suzanne's Monday Lise
Judy Forrest The Quiet Evolution Scientist
Rosalind Adler Boyshopping Leila
Judy Forrest The Corsetière Beatrice
Rosalind Adler A Clear Conscience Merilyn
Carolyn Pertwee Stormy Weather Belinda Robinson
Rosalind Adler Jilly Cooper Sasha
Rosalind Adler The One that Rachel Stevens Got Various
Rosalind Adler Party People She
Carolyn Pertwee The Outhouse Simone
Lin Sagovsky Watching the Detectives Jane Tennyson
Melissa Docker The Last Scene from the Scottish Play Lady Macbeth
David Hampshire Briefcase Encounter Laura Jesson
Tony Dugdale Batteries Included Alison
Writing Credits
Play Director
(co-written with Lea Sellers)
Jenny Patrick
Suzanne's Monday  
Just for You Kirsty Bennett
A Clear Conscience
Sugarless Apple Dessert
Selfish Jenny Patrick
Go with the Floe
Death and the Deposit Brendan Gregory
Powercut Kirsty Bennett
Jilly Cooper
The One that Rachel Stevens Got Mike Goodenough
Party People
Bruised Blueberries Kirsty Bennett
Christmas, Bloody Christmas





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