Photos by John Clark

Robert Blackwood trained under Alan Dunnett at the
The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama


Accents American Southern States, Belfast, Cockney, Californian, Cornwall, East European, Edinburgh, Essex, French, German, Glasgow, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Lancashire, London, New York, RP, Russian, Standard American, Yorkshire
Dance Ballroom Dancing, Highland Dancing, Period Dancing
Languages French, Italian
Music Baritone, Piano
Sports Athletics, Cricket, Fencing, Football, Horse-riding, Pool, Rowing, Running, Squash, Tennis



Acting Credits
Writer Play Role Director
Robert Blackwood & Nicholas Cowell The Unimportant History of Britain Various  
Michael Mullen The Killing of Justine Shem Jez Bond
Paddy Gormley Misanthrope II Philinte Martin Cort
Gilles Cremonesi “Bomber” Nichols Gareth Pilkington
Chanoine Webb Hero’s Engine Les Peter Mair
Anthony Murphy A One Way Ticket to Palookaville Bernard O’Rourke Carolyn Pertwee
Acting Credits (Sketches)
Writer Sketch Role
Penny Culliford Where’s George? French Life Guard
Dermot Murphy Stick to the Rules Geoff
Writing Credits
Play Director
The Unimportant History of Britain  


Brick & Magda's Radio Spot Brick Back 'n' Sides Robert Blackwood Blackwood


Animal Farm Boxer/Moses Barry Goldman Tour de Force
Kolbe's Gift Kommandant/Doc Robin Marchal Ten Ten Productions
Joining The Club Tom Ross Livingstone OSO
No Exit Waiter Mark Woolgar Act First Glance
Mamet's "The Old Neighbourhood" Joey Ross Livingstone OSO
Happy As A Sandbag Revue Show Various Roles Dudley Rogers Isleworth Actors' Company
An Evening With Gary Lineker Ian Ross Livingstone OSO
The Taming Of The Shrew Grumio Ross Livingstone OSO


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