Peter Haycroft trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
after a career in the law


Accents American Standard, London, Midlands, RP, Southern Irish
Music Bariton (low G to high F), Choral, Musicals, Tap
Performance Improvisation and Role Play
Other Playwright, Qualified Solicitor, Stage fighting, Swimming



Acting Credits
Writer Play Role Director
Martin Cort Death on the Doorstep D I Alistair Cooke Peter Kosta
Geoffrey Lee Job Job's Major Domo Ian Buckley
Elizabeth Gamberoni Titfer Tat Walter John Melainey
Gary Diamond, John Fryer & Ray Lawrence The Adventures of Warren Dripping Lobe Gary Diamond
Acting Credits (Sketches)
Writer Sketch Role
Teresa Jennings The Car Painter’s Son Mary
Wally Sewell Forget-Me-Not Cottage Man
Joy Toperoff Invitation to a Party Norton Knott
Philip Black Political Circles J Edgar Hoover
Gareth Pilkington Keeping a Hand In Mr Smethwick
Lin Sagovsky Watching the Detectives Kojak
Writing Credits
Play Director
Street Babes
Hamlet (Act V Sc III)
Retro Repro


Stop Smoking Main Character John McKenzie John McKenzie Productions


Boffins (Sit-com Pilot) Health Inspector Jonathan Coote  
Snapshot Detective Joakim Pietras London Inernational Film School
Father Shandor Politician Maxim Fishman London Inernational Film School
South - North Barrister Hafiz Kheir London College of Printing
Principia University Don Hafiz Kheir London College of Printing
New Morning Civil Servant Jonathan Coote Little Apple Productions
Man’s Reach Publisher Jonathan Coote Little Apple Productions

Radio Plays

A Formula For Life   (Producer) John Penrose RTE 1 Dublin
Is God Mum?   (Producer) John Penrose RTE 1 Dublin


Romeo and Juliet Montague/
Clown Servant
Peter Allen Redhill Harlequin & Wimbledon Studio
Luther Cajeta/
Brother Weinand
Bob Wolstenholme Drama Studio London
Womberang James Lemon/
Mr Riley
Jane E Wallman Grace Theatre London
Sleeping Policemen Bert Bloggs/
IRA Man/Cockney Train Driver
Graham Murray & Julia Bardesly Drama Studio London
The Lark (excerpts) Archbishop of Rheims Lucia Fausset Central School of Speech and Drama
Bravo Andy Headmaster Jonathan Lloyd The Courtyard Theatre London
Richard II Bishop of Carlisle Adrienne Johns Shakespeare Globe Museum & Beckenham
Pericles Helicanus Paul James Shakespeare Globe Museum

Writing - Radio

A Formula For Life (Producer) John Penrose RTE 1 Dublin
Is God Mum? (Producer) John Penrose RTE 1 Dublin


Laila Debs
C A Artistes Management
26-28 Hammersmith Grove
London W6 7BA
T: 020 8834 1615 F: 020 8834 1144
E: [email protected]





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