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Paddy Gormley is passionate about language.  He particularly enjoys
writing for radio, which he views as the "only truly hands-free medium of imaginative communication". Radio projects include plays, talks and documentaries.


Many of his plays are written in "proseverse", a heightened form of language
that flows as naturally as prose but uses intricately woven, hidden rhythmic and rhyming schemes.

Paddy teaches creative thinking skills. His long-standing interest in the metaphysics and evolution of ideas has led him to develop his own models for the creative process, which he applies in his creative thinking and writing classes, speeches and philosophical debates.

Many of Paddy Gormley's projects have their own websites, often featuring
click-to-play audio and video recordings. Such resources include excerpts from
AWL readings, studio recordings, archive theatre footage and audio-visual teaching presentations.

Click below for Paddy's Exciting Writing website, which
features information about and links to about thirty of his projects.

Click here for Paddy Gormley's Exciting Writing website

Besides being a long standing member, Paddy was
WL Web Co-ordinator from 2001-2004, then Chairman from 2004-2008. 

Click on the image below for an audio recording, made at the AGM in April 2008, in which Anthony Murphy pays tribute to Paddy's contribution to AWL

Free yourself from pain

Whilst he no longer serves on the AWL committee, Paddy Gormley continues his work as database co-ordinator, developing the relational database that underpins AWL's financial, member information, scheduling and communications systems. 



Writing Credits
Play Director
The Social Climber Kenneth Michaels
The Wold Wide Web (2010) Simone Vause
The Importance of Being Frank Martin Cort
Misanthrope II Martin Cort
Hard Times Martin Cort
Riverbank Reverie Lucy Appleby
Spaced Out  
Twenty-Twenty Kirsty Bennett
Elsinore Avenue Lucy Appleby
O Goddess Kirsty Bennett
The Wold Wide Web (2002)


E: Paddy Gormley





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