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Michael Johnson's work for theatre reflects his scientific/academic background and his interests in history and French literature.

He is a keen supporter of awl, having played a pivotal role in the administration of the group (then Hammersmith Actors & Writers Group) between 1997 and 2000.

His comedy sketch, The Reading, was included in awl's first public showcase at Bullion Room Theatre, Hackney Empire, in November 2003.

Cartoon by Sheba Cassini: www.bignoses.co.uk

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 020 7388 3777


THE LAB An adaptation (with Laurie Maguire) of Les Palmes de M. Schutz by Jean-Noel Fenwick. A comedy, which ran for two years in Paris, about the discovery of radium by Marie and Pierre Curie. (To be produced by Andy Jordan Productions).
IN THE BAG (Co-written with Teresa Jennings). A modern farce involving a jewel thief, a dominatrix, multiple engagements, cocaine, two doors and one window, not to mention a tramp, a man-hungry lady, and the reunion of two old acquaintances from the days of junior school. (Written for Paul Kaye, and under consideration by Andy Jordan Productions).
GENTLEMAN'S HONOUR Concerning the Shakespearean forger John Payne Collier, and the scholar-thief James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, set in Stratford upon Avon on the anniversary of Shakespeare's three-hundredth birthday.
ONLY A FOOL A play about the trials of William Hone for blasphemous libel in 1817
HOLLOW A modern play about academic fraud and associated academic misdemeanours

ENGLAND'S HALL The first two episodes of a sit-com involving the machinations of the staff of a university hall of residence and their interaction with students and university administrators.

TEA TIME The light-hearted play following the unexpected death of a tyrant father and its consequences for his widow and son. Produced at the King's Head in 2001 by the Elephant Theatre Company, directed by Bernard Lawrence.

MARIE LLOYD AND VESTA TILLEY A musical entertainment based on the lives of the two singers. (With Teresa Jennings and Gilda Waugh)

ANIMAL CRACKERS IN MY SOAP Two bucks and a doe tackle the subject of "Crackers" for the awl 2003 Christmas competition (co-written with Teresa Jennings)
CONVERSATIONS An argument over a mobile phone in a railway carriage.
THE READING Two actors with different views rehearse together. (written for and first performed by Jeanne Mockford and Denys Graham).
THE RELUCTANT GENIE An old couple with a vast collection of oil lamps are fed up with the constant appearance of genies.
KISS THE BOYS AND MAKE THEM CRY (with Victoria Kempton) A man is reunited with an old flame.
IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Posh is pregnant, but by whom?
NEARLY TIME TO GO Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas argue while about to set off on their respective roles.
OUT OF CONTROL God and a woman argue the consequences of the creation of man.
SPRINGTIME HAS LONG PASSED A wife, desperate for a child, is unable to handle the fact when she is told that she already is pregnant.
FATHERLY ADVICE A father teaches his unworldly son the eight deadly sins.
THAT'S HARDLY ME A pair of writers search for an idea on the theme
'up yours'.
THE LAW IS THE LAW A constable arrests all the participants at a 'Twelve
Days of Christmas' party
ONLY SIX HOURS TO GO Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas reflect on
their roles at Christmas

Chairman, Bloomsbury Theatre Management Committee 1968-75

Co-administrator of awl 1997-2000.

Design of chemical experiments for a production of Christopher Marlowe’s The Alchemist at the Young Vic directed by Frank Dunlop (1972).

Chemical apparatus for BBCTV production of The Invisible Man (1986)


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