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Martin Cort trained at LAMDA along side fellow students Janet Suzman and
Donald Sutherland in the 1950s.  His career has taken him to numerous theatres throughout Britain working in local repertory theatre and touring with the Royal Ballet Company as first actor and narrator. 

In London he played at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, The Theatre Royal, E15, Festival Hall, The Shell Theatre, South Bank and at the World's Book Fair in Earl's Court.

Martin was AWL Directors Co-ordinator in July 2007,
Secretary in July 2008, and finally Chairman from July 2009 until May 2010.


Accents RP
Languages Spanish



Acting Credits
Writer Play Role Director
Eileen Morrison The Housewarming Helen Thornbury Wally Sewell
Karen Vavourakis Someone Dr Frye Lucy Appleby
Paddy Gormley The Wold Wide Web Nid Simone Vause
Lawrence McCambridge-Audini The Winning Post Various Peter Mair
Viv Lake A Grave Situation Fred Robin Marchal
Daniel O’Flaherty Bitter Enders Percival Goodwin Melissa Docker
Acting Credits (Sketches)
Writer Sketch Role
Penny Culliford &
Carolyn Pertwee
From Page to Stage Actor2/Gilbert/Randolph
Viv Lake No Country for Old Men Patrick
Melanie Hughes Another Time Another Place Mr Thurman
Sophie Sewell Silent Night Father Christmas
Andrew Curtis Beyond Sam’s Bar Shane 
Directing Credits
Play Writer 
Milkstones Karen Vavourakis
The Death of Jess Docker Harry Saks
What's Happened to Nancy's Head? Elizabeth Gamberoni
The Narcissus Club Hedley England
A Notting Hill Murder Harry Saks
The Importance of Being Frank Paddy Gormley
Remember the Summer Days Robin Marchal
Destination Planet Zero Lesley North
Misanthrope II Paddy Gormley
Simon’s Secret Martin Cort
Best Laid Plans Carolyn Pertwee
Hard Times Paddy Gormley
Guilty Joy Toperoff
By the Rivers of Babylon (full reading) Peter Sutton
Lavinia's Plot Ron Edwards
By the Rivers of Babylon (part reading) Peter Sutton
Writing Credits
Play Director
Lunchtime Story  
Death on the Doorstep Peter Kosta
Simon’s Secret Martin Cort
Surprise Bundle
Love Is a Game of Chance Andrew Heart





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