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Martin Baum has been involved with AWL since 1997, and has had readings
for several of his plays at the Polish Centre, as well as being a regular
contributor to the end of season theme nights




Writing Credits
Play Director
P.O.E.T.S. Day Andrew Heart
Changing Rooms of History Andrew Heart
7 Plus 1
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Fringe credits include the plays Accommodating Moose and The Trouble with Jimmy, as well as a number of comedy/satire revue shows in and around London.


Martin's book To Be or Not to Be Innit, which is the Yoof-speak Guide to Shakespeare has suddenly gone large and articles about the book have appeared in almost every national newspaper in the country and papers all over the world from Christchurch, New Zealand to Cape Town, South Africa and even in GQ Magazine.

Greg Smith, the highly acclaimed producer of hit shows Buddy and Jolson, is in active discussions with Martin to bring a stage musical based on his best-selling book 'To Be or Not To Be, Innit - A Yoofspeak Guide to Shakespeare' to London’s West End.

madame raspberry

Stemming from an article in the Bournemouth Echo the story has been taken up by UK daily papers, The Daily Telegraph (Front page and Leader), Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and the Daily Star.  Martin has also done telephone interviews on The BBC World Service, Radio Five and on BBC TV Scotland.  Martin appeared live on Breakfast TV on BBC1 on Saturday morning (26th), and the book was even part of the hourly news broadcasts throughout the day on BBC national radio stations. Google searches show bloggs and articles multiplying by the dozen hourly.  Our publication appears to have started something of a phenomena!  It has even been broadly welcomed by The Royal Shakespeare Company whose comments were reported on the BBC Website.

Martin is currently working on his second book in the Yoofspeak series.

Martin had interest from 'The Graham Norton' and 'Paul O'Grady Shows' and radio interviews in Spain, Ireland and lots of local Radio too. The book is now a core stock item at Waterstones's, who will stock it in all their branches.  Copies can also be bought through either his website or Amazon.

He was also a regular contributor to The News Huddlines.

Now a dedicated satirist, Martin's work is regularly performed at venues such as NewsRevue in London, the Treason Show in Brighton, and of course at the Edinburgh Festival.   He is a prolific writer of articles and short stories for a number of specialist and international publications.  Although he has little time for playwriting these days, this type of work remains Martin's passion, and even though he now lives a rural existence in Dorset, he is still fully committed to AWL.


Futerman Rose Associates
91 St Leonards Road
London SW14 7BL
T: 020 8255 7755 F: 020 8286 4860
E: [email protected] W:

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