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Lewis Rae has played a wide variety of roles for AWL, including
troubled youths, young yuppie types, charming guys who are cheating
on their partners, the nice guy next door to parts in Restoration type plays



Acting Credits
Writer Play Role Director
Paddy Gormley Misanthrope II Clitandre Martin Cort
Martin Cort Death on the Doorstep Ed Thompson Peter Kosta
Chanoine Webb Hero’s Engine Tox Peter Mair
Michael Doust Punk Heroes 1977 Russ Andrew Heart
Kate Glover An African’s Blood Various Kate Glover
Daniel O’Flaherty Bitter Enders Leonid Spencer Melissa Docker
Howard Hale Britannicus Britannicus Peter Mair
Tony Dugdale Going South Kieron Simon Fisher-Becker
Gareth Pilkington But No Chicks for Free Garry Brooks Gareth Pilkington
Brendan Hennessy Uncle Ludwig Karl Derek Bell
Acting Credits (Sketches)
Writer Sketch Role
Teresa Jennings The Car Painter’s Son Man 5
Sophie Sewell Silent Night Mike
Philip Black A Yawning Gulf Ted
Boris Rumney Talking Dirty David
Lin Sagovsky Watching the Detectives Nick Ross
Philip Black Crackers Lionel
Michael Baldwin Omission Trigger
Peter Kenny May God Forgive Me! Father Andrew
Peter Haycroft Hamlet (Act V Sc III) Hamlet
Teresa Jennings Eskimos Do It through a Hole in the Snow Peter Taylor






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