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Kate Glover studied History at Oxford University. After 3 years as a History teacher in secondary schools, she taught English to International business people in Paris, Trieste, Rome and even far-flung Tbilisi in Georgia before deciding to train as an actress at the age of 36.

Her need for Equity membership prompted her to write a play Dear Chocolate Soldier. She toured this with another actress and they both got the coveted Equity card.

Since then, she has successfully mixed and matched her acting career with writing, corporate role-play work and teaching. She speaks fluent French and passable Italian.

In 1997, she founded Historia Theatre Company, the purpose of which is to put on plays that have their source in or inspiration from History. Historia Theatre Company performed Kate Glover's adaptation of Fanny Burney's Evelina at Pentameters Theatre in 2004.

Playing age: 45-55

Photo by Michael Browning


  • Singing: Mezzo-soprano.
  • Accents: RP (Authentic); Scottish, Irish, French (Good). Others manageable with work.
  • Languages: Fluent French and basic Italian.
  • Good movement skills which include proficiency in Scottish dancing and swimming.
  • Trained Teacher of History and English as a Foreign Language.
  • Experienced lecturer (Subjects include Samuel Pepys, Harold Pinter, The Crisis in the Lebanon and "Georgia: post independence")
  • Roleplay skills.

Kate’s qualifications include:

  • Degree in Modern History (actually it was really mediaeval) from St Hugh’s College, Oxford.
  • Cert: Ed: from Oxford University Department of Education
  • RSA Dip TEFL
  • Post graduate Diploma in acting from the London and International School of Acting
  • Kate was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1990


E-mail: [email protected]

Agent: Crescent Management, 10 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH
Tel: 020 8994 6477


Production Role Director Company / Venue
Evelina Mme Duval Kate Glover Dr Johnson’s House
The Importance Miss Prism Iqbal Khan Union Chapel Theatre
The Crush Claire Mary Considine Man in the Moon
L’Innocente Signora Hermil Claudio Macor Torchlight Theatre Company
Sound of Music Sister Helena Phil Wilmott Battersea Arts Centre
A Passionate Englishman Guliema Penn Amanda Hill Hen & Chickens
Thugs (TimeOut Critic Choice) Mercedes Golden Brennan Street The White Bear
Comedy of Errors Emilia, The Abbess Mark FitzGerald The Drayton Co
Gerald M Hopkins SJ Narrator/ Mother Clive Swift Tour
Lysistrata Lysistrata Arthur Winckless Curtain Theatre
Midsummer Nights Dream Helena Arthur Winckless Golden Lane
Small Feet on a Moving Street Noreen Mark Heath New End Theatre
Dear Chocolate Soldier Narrator Richard Jacques Tour
Miss Julie Christine Michael Almaz Café Theatre
Jamaican Interlude Sarah Elizabeth Sharland CAA
Steven Newman Doesn’t Eat Quiche Mrs Newman Liz Carruthers Edinburgh Fringe
Hours by the Window Cynthia Koestler (lead) Penny Stokes Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Man in the Moon
Liar Liar Gill Andrew Pratt Tristram Bates Theatre
On the Road to Jerusalem Tamar Andrew Norton Riverside Studios

Love Actually Cabinet Minister Richard Curtis Actually Films Ltd (2002)
State of Grace (showreel available) Maggie William Davis London College of Printing
Shadow of an Angel Mariann Tilda Harkamp Goldsmiths
Nowhere to Go Maureen Case Graham Sherrington Bournemouth University
Divorce - The Law Clerk of the Court Robin Gutch BBC
Afternoon Tea Lady Smythe Guy Alexander LIFS
A Cats Tale (showreel available) Liz Rachel Mooney Guildhall University
First Rites (showreel available) Mother D. delle Valle Bournemouth University

Evelina (play adapted from Fanny Burney’s novel of the same name) Kate Glover Historia Theatre Company / Pentameters Theatre
Dear Chocolate Soldier (play) (1985) Richard Jacques Tour
Gerard M Hopkins S.J. (play) (1989) Clive Swift Pentameters Theatre and Tour
Tales from Trieste (volume of short stories) (1990-5): Plans to adapt these into 30 minute screenplays
A Passionate Englishman (a play about William Penn) (1997) Amanda Hill Hen and Chickens Theatre (1997) & The City of London Festival (2000)
Do you like being an Aunt? (play) (2002) Lucy Appleby Reading at Hammersmith Actors and Writers Group

Plans to produce screenplay of Evelina

Future project Zita, the last Empress (still in research stage)


Kate's most recent role with awl was Nellie Strong in Chutney Mary by Max India.

Her short play Not With a Bang but a Whimper was performed as part of the "Crackers" competition night in December 2004.


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