This page lists all plays read by AWL since September 2002 and
are listed in alphabetical order of writers' surnames

Writer Play
Brian Abbott Eating the Peach
Rosalind Adler Suzanne's Monday
Just for You
A Clear Conscience
Sugarless Apple Dessert
Go with the Floe
Death and the Deposit
Jilly Cooper
Party People
Bruised Blueberries
Christmas, Bloody Christmas
Rosalind Adler & Lea Sellers Sisters
Lucy Appleby Tea Time Tango
I Think I'll Go Now
Nigel Austin Poisoned Assets


Martin Baum Changing Rooms of History
P.O.E.T.S. Day
A Word from Our Sponsor
7 Plus 1
Chris Bell Fat-Man and Foul
Philip Black Don't Bank on It
A Yawning Gulf
Political Circles
Vaulting Ambition
Over the Top
St Joseph
O Selznick!
Robert Blackwood & Nicholas Cowell The Unimportant History of Britain
Bob Braithwaite Kumfijet
Fête Macabre
Unnatural Gas
The Lesser Evil (2007)
Stranger from Afar
The Scrabblethon
The Lesser Evil (2004)
It's for the Kiddies, Really
Ian Buckley England's Pleasant Land
The Moment We Met
The Return
Realife TV
Tainted Love
Artful Occupation

John Caine When the Wind Blows
Claire Carroll Beef Encounter
Eddie Coleman Houston, We Have a Problem
Alice D Cooper The Ladies
Martin Cort Death on the Doorstep
Surprise Bundle
Love Is a Game of Chance
Gregory Cox Table for Two
Giles Cremonesi "Bomber"
The Afternoon of a Faun
Alto Rhapsody
Penny Culliford Georgia on my Mind
The Rivers of Babylon
La Catena D'Oro (The Golden Chain)
Funny Business
Where's George?
Auld Lang Syne
Warden Pie
Start Me Up
Away in a Minger
Penny Culliford & Carolyn Pertwee From Page to Stage
Tom Cunliffe Fools of Fame
Tom Cunliffe & Mary Piercy Gallery Gadabouts
The First Monday in June
Andrew Curtis Beyond Sam's Bar

Gary Diamond, John Fryer
& Ray Lawrence
The Adventures of Warren Dripping
Jacquie Dickson Party People
Raising Barbarians
A Night to Remember
Melissa Docker Think Big
The Last Scene from The Scottish Play
A Rare Christmas
A Bleeding Miracle
Melissa Docker & Brendan Gregory Liz Takes the Biscuit
The Plot
Mixing It
Mike Doust Punk Heroes 1977
Mary Drake Holly and Ivy
Frailty, thy name is... An Audience
Anthony Dugdale England My England
Going South
Batteries Included
Following in Father's Footsteps
Frasier: "What Goes Up Might Come Down"

Robert Eddison & Robert Carter Joe Orton's Last Laugh
Carolyn Eden Umm, About Christmas...
Five Is Not Enough
Beyond the Pail
37 - A Piece for Voices
Christmas Crackers
Deirdre Dusts 'em Down
Either Way
Seasons' Greetings
Ron Edwards The Reunion
Lavinia's Plot
Storm Signals
Hedley England The Royal Hors D'Oeuvres
Goodbye to Frankie
The Narcissus Club

Angelique Fernandez The Loyal Patriot
Scilla Fernandez Seachange
Ronald Fernee A Clever Disguise
Corina Forman One Man's Rea
Judy Forrest Persons of Value
The Quiet Evolution
The Watch
Puzzle at Père Lachaise
The Corsetière
PAFoster Spaceboy
Room 20
Nevil Frenkiel & Harold Langshaw Johnny Simple

Elizabeth Gamberoni carattia cream What Ever Happened to Nancy's Head?
Put it All on My Account
It's Your Turn to Move
We Thought You'd Be Pleased
Cissy's Thoughts on the Hereafter
It's Best Served Cold
Portrait of Eduardo
Midsummer Night's Dream
The Applicants
Profit-Share Ghosts
Titfer Tat
Yuletide Planning
Sue Gifford A Favour for a Friend
Global Terrorism
Kate Glover Judenfrei, Love & Death in Hitler's Germany
Old Girls' Day
Unfriendly Fire
An African's Blood
Do You Like Being an Aunt?
Not With a Bang
April Fool
Paddy Gormley The Social Climber
The Wold Wide Web (2010)
The Importance of Being Frank
Misanthrope II
ard Times
Riverbank Reverie
Spaced Out
O Goddess
The Wold Wide Web
Elsinore Avenue
Alex Gregor Sandringham Road
Brendan Gregory & Melissa Docker The Last Scene of the First Act of The Importance of Being Earnest

Howard Hale Britannicus (after Racine)
Church Outing
David Hampshire Over the Top (Up)
Cross Words
The Waitrose Wing
25 Reasons for a Quiet Day
The Actor and the Extra
Christmas Presence (2005)
Up Or Down?
Where There's a Will
Christmas Presence (2003)
Briefcase Encounter
Visiting Frank
Michael Hartley Harley Baby
Catherine Harvey Ashes of Roses
Peter Haycroft Retro Repro
Hamlet (Act V Sc III)
Street Babes
Julia Haythorn Tea and Democracy
Old Girls
Ghost Train
Brendan Hennessy Uncle Ludwig
Monty Holender Uprooted
Raisins and Almonds
It's What I do
Gus Hughes Dust
Melaine Hughes What Did She Say?
The Silence of the Lamb
Another Time, Another Place

Max India At the Coburn
Pan Panic
Lettuce Alone
Tough at the Top Blues
Chutney Mary
Hamlet (The Willow Scene)

Teresa Jennings Strictly Fooling Around
May Contain Nudity
Side Kick
It's in the Bag
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Michelle Ma Belle
The Car Painter's Son
No One Has Ever Complained Before
Saving Face
On the Tiles
Talk About a Boules Up
Takes the Biscuit
Dear Aunt Elizabeth
Eskimos Do It through a Hole in the Snow
Teresa Jennings & Michael Johnson Art with a Capital F
Nodding Acquanitances
No One Has Ever Complained Before
Animal Crackers in My Soap
It's In the Bag
The Guardian or Nothing
Michael Johnson Searching for Stardust
Mumbo Jumbo
Last Man Standing
Just Friends
Colette: Doors Open, Doors Closed
Life is for Living
Excess Baggage
England's Hall
Only a Fool
Fatherly Advice
The Reading
Nearly Time to Go

Megan Karnes Ms Happ
Birds of a Feather
Missionary Position
Peter Kenny May God Forgive Me!

Viv Lake Daughters of the Empire
A Grave Situation
No Country for Old Men
Yellow Pages
The Umpire Strikes Back
David Lane We Are Family
Morgan J Layton Killing Time
The Kenwood Files
The Erotic Barbershop
Geoffrey Lee Job

Robin Marchal Nanjo
Remember The Summer Days
The Female Byte (2008)
My Loyalty Lies ...

Trish & Son
The Female Byte (2003)
Brian Marshall Twelve
Diabolical Liberty
No Not That Parrot Sketch
It's a Man's World
Brief Encounter
Brian Marshall & Muriel Marshall Shaggy's Christmas Story
Muriel Marshall When Did You Last See Your Mother?
Paul McBain Cookie Trees for Christmas
Lawrence McCambridge-Audini The Winning Post
Gera McGrath Bingo!
Owen Michaelmore The Merchant of Venice (Act III Sc IIa)
Conversation in Time
Robin Miller Family Fortunes
An Unwanted Guest
Visiting Stan
Michael Mullen The Killing of Justine
Dermot Murphy Kidnap in the Andes
A Grand Complication
The Condor and the Maiden
The Exile's Return
Thirteen at Table
Stick to the Rules
Don Quixote in Algiers
Anthony Murphy Empty Vessels
A One Way Ticket to Palookaville (2009)
On Raglan Road
Shergar's Father
A One Way Ticket to Palookaville
Carol's Christmas
I? No! A Bank!
Tickety Boo
Snakes Alive

Albert Njindou Test
Lesley North Destination Planet Zero
Critic's Choice
The Tracey Emin Code
Dinner Party People
Happy Hour
A Better Place

Brian O'Connell Estate Agent
Simulation Therapy
Christmas Twinkle
Paris 1943
Liam O'Grady Tithonus
The Blood Club
Pressed Flowers
As the Light Changes (2)

As the Light Changes
Dead Duck Day
Daisy Dawson's Blue Marble
Early One Morning
Daniel O'Flaherty Bitter Enders
Christopher Owen Beware! Danger Zone!
Anthony & Monica
Still Waters

Tony Parkin The Island of Poe
Nigel Penrake What Do You Look for in a Wo/man?
Carolyn Pertwee Antique Drawers
Feeling the Fear
The Big "A"
Stormy Weather
The Best Laid Plans
The Stuff of Dreams
On Thin Ice
Changing Faces
The Outhouse
A Very Private Matter
The Beautiful Couple
For the Love of Art
Double Image
Carolyn Pertwee with Rosalind Adler Between Friends
John Petherbridge Going Green
Boxed Chocolates
Christmas Spirit
Alan and Grace
Goddess Or a Pile of Old Scrap
The Pub Lunch
In the Post
Mary Piercy Conversation on a Train
Mary Piercy & Tom Cunliffe Gallery Gadabouts
The First Monday in June
Gareth Pilkington Windows
Shit or Bust
The Boy on the Bridge (2009)
What's in a Name

The Gentle Rain
The Boy on the Bridge
Did I Sing Too Loud?
Keeping a Hand In
Don't Look Too Deep
Taking the Piss
But No Chicks for Free
3 Monologues
Bearing Gifts
Hamlet, or the Merry Wives of Where?

Helen Poskitt Check!

Nicolas Ridley Be All, End All
Phillip Riley Bimbo
Boris Rumney Wicca Work
Trio - A Night to Remember
Talking Dirty
Couch (2005)
Couch (2004)

Lin Sagovsky Watching the Detectives
Harry Saks A Notting Hill Murder
Love at the Club Confetti
The Prince of Fake
Public Hero
Blondes Have More Fun
Peter Saracen A Devil of a Job
You Don't Have to Jump
Bridget Sebastian t.j. (2007)
t.j. (2006)
Hilary Sesta Coming of Age
Hilary Sesta & Patricia Kemsley Lift Off
Shane Scott Mantis and the Kicking Boy
Snow Monkeys
Lea Sellers Flames
The Burden
Lea Sellers & Rosalind Adler Sisters
Sophie Sewell Silent Night
Wally Sewell Shooting the President
Fishing Line
The Wrong Tree
... and the Ecstasy
Possible Thundery Showers
Doctor, I'm in Trouble
The Garden
A Visitor at Forget-Me-Not Cottage
Patrick Sheehy Last Orders
Susan Shemtob My Cousin Freda
Sally Sheringham Hotel Desperado
So Soon After Breakfast
The Sound of Breaking Glass
Cuba Libre
James Sherriffs My Life as a Saint
The Headmaster
Turn of the Century
Turn of the Century (part reading)
A Widdle on a Wellington
David Sladen One More Chance
Brian Spink November 1952
The Summons
The Lost Ones
Martin Staniforth A Confession
Crime, Old Boniface Style
A Pin of Calva
Peter Sutton The Prince of Bhawal
Elgar and Alice
My Son Will
By the Rivers of Babylon
Mr Punch
The Night before Christmas
Andrew Syers Departure Lounge



John Timperley Soixante-Neuf
Thicker Than Water
Joy Toperoff Selling Price
Invitation to a Party
Ruth Trouncher At the Café Brigette

Karen Vavourakis Someone

Jane Walker Spinsters
Taking Liberties
Another Day at the Office
Wendy Wareham The Holiday
Gilda Waugh Office Karma
Chanoine Webb Hero's Engine
Sue Whitmore Ruth