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Anthony Murphy was born in Dublin in 1944.  He has had, in effect, two writing careers. He spent the greater part of his working life writing about people.
From 1968 to 2001 he was a youth worker, a community worker, a social worker
in Child Protection, a mental health social worker. Looking back, having retired
in 2001, he sometimes tries to calculate how many social histories he has
written. How many justifications as to why he should sign an application sectioning someone into psychiatric hospital for up to six months and longer.  Court reports, Tribunal Reports.  An already established canon of work
which must remain forever unseen. 

Creative Writing courses at Morley College (where one of his pieces was
accepted for the annual Writers Magazine), Kensington and Chelsea, Goldsmiths (studying Autobiography into Fiction), and CityLit followed. At CityLit he created, devised and co-wrote a Theatre-in-Education piece: ‘Jerry Springer Goes to Verona’ which toured a number of secondary schools in London and Lincolnshire as part of the GCSE English Lit. Programme.  The play explores the warring Montagues and Capulets through the use of scenes from the play viewed as if in a TV studio by an audience of Montagues and Capulets (the pupils).  Then, as per Jerry Springer, inviting the audience members to share/debate just who is responsible for all these deaths (“More dead bodies than a Tarentino movie”!).

In 2004, Anthony joined, as he puts it "this wonderful group of actors, writers, directors and enthusiasts".  He was AWL Secretary from 2006-2008, then Chairman & Competition Co-ordinator from 2008-09.



Writing Credits
Play Director
Empty Vessels  
A One Way Ticket to Palookaville Carolyn Pertwee
On Raglan Road
Winner: "Unfinished Business" Competition
Carolyn Pertwee
Shergar’s Father?
Winner: "The Old Country" Competition
Anthony Murphy
A One Way Ticket to Palookaville Carolyn Pertwee
Carol’s Christmas
I? No! A Bank!!
Tickety Boo
Snakes Alive


Jerry Springer goes to Verona
Original idea and co-writer CityLit November/December 2004
A TIE project exploring the relationships and responsibilities arising from
the events in Romeo and Juliet.  Presented and performed
with students preparing for GCSE in English Literature.
Further details on request.


E: Anthony Murphy





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