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Guidelines for Actors

In order to be considered for casting in one of our rehearsed readings, competitions or showcase evenings, an actor must normally be a current member of AWL and have an acting curriculum vitae or biography published on the AWL website. 

Rehearsed Readings


In order to ensure fairness and an appropriate degree of equality of opportunity, AWL, through its committee, has developed a casting priority list system.  The list is organised on the basis of:

  • appearance of a professional acting biography on the AWL website,
  • recent AWL castings
  • and attendance at meetings when not cast.
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It is the director’s responsibility to advise our casting co-ordinators of the casting preferences for the play.  The director will also be responsible for taking into account the writer’s casting preferences.

Writers and directors are strongly discouraged from approaching actors directly during the submission, appraisal and casting of their plays.  The actor should consider only casting enquiries that come from a casting co-ordinator.

All actors approached to take part in a rehearsed reading by the Casting Co-ordinators should have the opportunity to read the script before agreeing to take on a particular role, but they are expected to respond within two days.  


Once an actor has agreed to take part in a reading, it will be assumed that they will carry out this responsibility and attend the rehearsal, which will usually take place on the day before the reading between 11.00am and 3.00pm in The Emerald Room on the 4th Floor of the Polish Centre.

If an actor is asked by the director to attend an extra rehearsal, it is up to the actor to decide whether to attend such a rehearsal. 

All actors are reminded that punctuality for all rehearsals is essential as the rehearsal period is very short.

Writers are expected to provide a buffet lunch for the cast during the rehearsal.  Should any writer fail to do so, it will be the writer’s responsibility to reimburse all concerned for the cost of a shop-bought sandwich lunch on the production of a receipt.  This expectation applies wherever the rehearsal takes place. 

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If an additional short rehearsal is needed on the evening of the rehearsed reading, the actual performance space is available for only one hour: from 6.15pm to 7.15pm.

Actors’ opinions and suggestions during rehearsals are an invaluable part of the development of the play.  However, it is the director’s right and reponsibility to ensure that the short rehearsal period is used for the benefit of the whole cast, and to progress the development of the reading.  This may mean that the director has to limit discussion to make best use of the time.

NB: Scripts should be carried and used during all performances

Competition Nights

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Competition entries are usually directed by the writer or cast members. There is no Sunday rehearsal for a competition night.  The only rehearsal space available for competitions is normally in the Bar on the 4th floor of the Polish Centre from 6.15pm until 7.15pm on the evening of the competition.

Casting in competition sketches or plays is organised by the Casting Co-ordinators in the same way as for rehearsed readings.

NB: Scripts should be carried and used during all performances

Showcase Nights

AWL Showcase nights are an excellent opportunity for actors new to AWL to show their skills to AWL directors and writers.   To ensure that all new actors have the opportunity of showing their work, our schedule periodically includes evenings of monologues, speeches and items written by our writers, to be performed by our new actors.  The items will be short and of no more than five minutes duration. 

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Our writers are invited to submit suitable items throughout the year for use in Showcase nights.  It is permissible for writers to create monologues or sketches for specific actors who are new to AWL, subject to the agreement of the actors concerned.  

It cannot be guaranteed that actors participating in Showcase nights will subsequently be cast in rehearsed readings.  However, the showcases give our writers, Casting Co-ordinators and directors a greater knowledge of these new actors' potential and abilities.

It is not a requirement for any actor new to AWL to take part in a showcase night before being cast in one of our regular rehearsed readings. 

NB: Scripts should be carried and used during all performances

Recordings: Sound & Visual

Non-Commercial Usage

Writers may courteously request permission from the director and actors to make audio or video recordings of the reading of their work, on the basis that such recordings are to be used exclusively to help with the further development of their script, and for no other reason.  Such recordings cannot be used for any commercial use without the prior written permission of all cast members and the director.
Cartoon by Max India In general, AWL actors are usually amenable to this kind of recording and may
even request copies for their own self-review or records.  All AWL actors automatically give their consent to this kind of recording when they accept a casting. 


Commercial Usage

Should the writer wish to exploit a recording commercially, it must not be assumed
that AWL actors or directors will accept a commercial proposition.  Actors and directors have the right to prevent the sale of a recording of any kind.  Each actor and the director must be approached individually to agree an accredited commercial contract.