Actors & Writers London (AWL) is London's longest-running professional
play-reading forum for actors and writers.  It was established in the 1980s at Hammersmith's Riverside Studios and was known as Hammersmith Actors and Writers Group for many years until July 2004.

AWL meets in Hammersmith, London W6, on alternate Monday evenings for rehearsed readings and chaired discussions of new plays.

You are welcome to attend our meetings whether you are a theatre
professional or just interested in theatre.

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We have recently begun to develop a library of audio clips in which members talk about the work of AWL and their experiences as members. 

We hope to develop this facility to cover all aspects of our work, enabling newcomers to discover how AWL works and how to get the most from their membership. 

Click "In the Bar" for a lively, atmospheric introduction to AWL in members' own words.

The other links provide a more detailed introduction to AWL by the following committee members, both past and present:

Anthony Murphy
Martin Cort
Robin Miller
Penny Culliford
Paddy Gormley

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Click here to see our reading schedule and venue details, including a local map.

What We Do


We support writers by enabling them to:

Actors and Directors

Intens Relief

Osteoarthritis - the rescue!

We support actors, directors and aspiring directors by enabling them to:

We work to the highest standards:


AWL is extremely informal and friendly and there is a licensed bar is available throughout the evening.

You are welcome to attend as a non-member, in which case you will be asked to make a £5 contribution at the door towards the costs of room hire, etc. You will be under no obligation whatsoever to become a member. 

If you prefer to become a member, annual membership is £10, except for actors and writers under 27 (subscription free) who attend regularly.  Meetings are also subject to admission charges: £5 for non-members, £3 for members and £2 for under-27s (identification required).  Every member is entitled to a personal page on the AWL website.  Since under-27s pay no subscription charges, however, they must attend at least three meetings before they qualify for their page.

You must become a member if you wish to submit a script for appraisal or if you wish to act or direct.

If you wish to become a member, for the moment, you can either pay at the door at one of our playreadings, (click here for the schedule) send a cheque or alternatively use BACs.  For further details, please contact Stephanie Connell, AWL Treasurer.

See the Membership page for full details, including links to pages of detailed guidelines for writers, actors and directors participating in AWL readings.

The guidelines are adorned by a series of wonderful, witty drawings by Max India, well worth a visit!

We have also recently reviewed our script appraisal policy. Click here for details.

Where To Go From Here

This site tells you everything else you need to know about AWL:



Dear AWL Committee


Get slim fast!

Still reeling from winning the competition last night, I very much wanted to write and thank you all for, well, damn near changing my life.  This time last year (competition night Dec 2008) I came to AWL for the first time. I had no connections with, or experience of, the theatre and didn't know a soul in the room.  All I did know was that, by the end of the evening, I very much wanted to be part of the group.   Since then I've attended almost every meeting and watched like a hawk to see what works, what doesn't, studied the audience reaction, listened to the feedback, gradually got to know people, and all the time learning so much. 

Looking back now, I can't believe that within a year I've had two short plays and one long one performed plus stories in the showcase evenings.  Talk about lucky old so-and-so.  I can't tell you how exciting "and somewhat humbling" it has all been.  But the biggest thrill has been watching the hugely talented actors, who I can't praise enough, breathe life into my characters.  Just to mention the last three I've worked with Jenny (Patrick), who one minute was chatting in the bar then before my very eyes became "every inch of her" my murderous widow;  and Robin (Miller) and Patric (Deony) from last night who got my characters to a T and entered into the spirit of the play so brilliantly.

I'd like to thank AWL from the bottom of my heart for the opportunities I've been given, for the confidence I've gained with my writing, for the new friends I've made, and for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes by you all (don't think we don't notice, we do! We do!).

One final thing then I promise to shut up:  it has taken me a year to realise that for me, anyway, the aim of the club is to create a "we're all in this together feeling", all encouraging and supporting one another, all part of the creative process, and all with a common goal:  to do the very best work we possibly can.  And what writer or actor could ask for more.  There, that's me done.

All best wishes, and grateful thanks again,

Sally Sheringham
15 December 2020